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Warehouse Design

Installation/Project Management

Warehouse Design provides turnkey installation services utilizing a trained and insured installation team. For most installations Warehouse Design utilizing their own company owned Warehouse Installations, Inc. for the work. Our installation General Manager is trained in AutoCAD to assist with on-site questions and modifications.

Project management is supported by a minimum of four Warehouse Design personnel starting with the Sales Person, Sales Coordinator, installation team General Manager and on-site Project Manager.

All equipment is secured to the floor with approved seismic rated anchor bolts and all systems are installed according to the local building code requirements. We insist on using laser equipment to ensure proper vertical plumbness and horizontal levelness of system installation.

Warehouse Design has two Factory Certified Starrco modular office system installers making us one of the few companies in the Southeastern US with this certification.

Regardless of how good our pricing and system design may be, the implementation of the proposed equipment can be the most critical part of the project. This is especially important when installing in an operation facility. We insist on establishing a meeting totally focused on the implementation of the proposed equipment between your staff and our team to ensure proper coordination during the installation period.