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Warehouse Design

What Makes Us Different

Application Engineering

Application engineering, that’s what separates us from the majority of systems integrators in the market today. As stated in our Facility Layout & Design / AutoCAD Optimization page, we have a broad range of diversified experiences in so many different industries. We have the unique ability to convey a design concept from one industry to the other. For example, we were one of the first if not the first to utilize wire mesh decking in furniture cantilever rack based on our experience using wire mesh decking in standard pallet rack systems. It is very common for us to apply the technology learned in one industry to another industry.


Another unique characteristic of Warehouse Design is our experienced staff. Three of our founding employees have a combined experience of over 100 years in the material handling industry. We also encourage our sales team to spend time in the field actually installing the products that we sell to achieve that “hands on” experience that is so very valuable. One of our most recent graduates into the system sales field recently spent his last three years in the field installing practically every known product in the material handling industry and believe me that experience shows when designing and recommending equipment to customers.

Custom Designs

We are well known for our custom designs as displayed in our Applications Photo Album whereby we design the system or product that meets your exact requirement. This is achieved in many cases by taking an “off the shelf” component and modifying the design to fit your needs. We have both in-house and contract fabrication ability to design and build most anything needed in a material handling system. Our custom designs have influenced some of the standard products being offered by leading material handling equipment manufacturers today.

National Coverage

Warehouse Design has installed material handling systems in almost every state in the US and three foreign countries. Many of these locations required building permits further demonstrating our strengths in managing projects remotely. One particular project required the implementation of 22 flow rack systems in every major metropolitan city across the US over a 6 month period. Each location had an average installation period of 2 weeks. We completed each location ahead of schedule. This one project solidified our position as a national company. We now regularly install systems throughout the United States.