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Safety Inspections and Storage System Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a major factor anytime a purchase is made. Whether you have just purchased a car and you make sure the oil gets changed on schedule or you’ve made a large investment in a storage system, you always want to make sure that your investment is properly cared for.

Through the time that I have spent installing storage systems I am constantly being brought into environments where there has been a lack of maintenance. With the busy tasks associated with keeping your business going, it is easy to get complacent with your surroundings and let damaged material slip by and put on the back burner. There are countless times when I walk into a warehouse with a client and notice an abundance of damaged rack or a poor configuration that is impractical and inefficient, and it seems so obvious! But they’re so accustomed to seeing it on a daily basis that it seems normal.

I always urge our customers to have routine facility reviews and walkthroughs completed by our staff (we recommend annually). A Facility Engineering Review and Correction Program accomplishes two things; a trained set of eyes can go through and identify any damaged material and do an in-depth review and correction plan as well as identify any areas where improvements could be made to your facility. The review includes a walkthrough of your entire facility, damaged material identified and a written report with attached photo documentation to keep as a record. While we may not be able to identify every conceivable problem area that can arise, we will address many of the more common problem areas. Damaged storage components are critical to get replaced as soon as possible. While one damaged upright or beam may not cause a system failure on its own, it weakens the system and could amplify the next impact to a catastrophic level.

If you have recently purchased a facility with an existing storage system then that is a great opportunity to have us walkthrough and give you an evaluation of the equipment that you have purchased. It is even better if we can provide this service before you have actually purchased the building to make sure that you are investing in an adequate storage system. A low price tag is not always a great deal if it does not fit your distribution or storage trends.

Jeffrey Russell
Project Manager

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